Count on us to act
 and improve  ourselves every day!

To give children a cleaner, more beautiful,respectful
and supportive world, we ut all our effort into each of our actions
for a positive, long-term impact.

Designing high-quality, long-lasting clothing

  • Resistant clothingBy promoting foolproof materials and finishes ...
  • Timeless clothesBy offering the Good Basics essential to the children’s wardrobe essentials.
  • We care about their transmissionBy giving clothes as many lives as possible for a more responsible consumption
We think about passing them on by offering clothing as many lives as possible for more conscious consumption.
We want that buying our collections to make sense, by allowing you to consume better.

Choosing more ecofriendly materials

Since 2012, the proportion of sustainable materials used in our collections has continued to grow. 

By sourcing organic cotton, choosing to recycle plastic bottles to fill the padding of our coats and investing in the latest technical innovations for processes that pollute less and make it possible to completely recycle the raw material, our brands make the choice to preserve the environment.

Why do we measure our environmental impact?

Creating a garment impacts the environment throughout the product's life cycle. By measuring this impact and displaying the score, you have the opportunity to choose consciously and our teams can act to find better alternatives.